San Antonio

San Antonio Area Fishing Lures

Aquasonic Lures, Universal City & Cibolo, Texas

Water inlet and outlet holes
Aquasonic box inserts

Barbera Rat and Barbera Mouse, made by Shakespeare Co., Kalamazoo, MI, for Barbera Sporting Goods Co., San Antonio, Texas. (A Texas Bait: The History of the Barbera Rat: article in the NFLCC Magazine, winter 2015, Vol. 25, No. 2)

Barbera Rat label at end of box.

Demon Lure Company, San Antonio, Texas – maker of the Sail Shark and the Bat:

DooDad Baits, Kerrville, Texas. Made by Winston C. “Windy” Gray.

DooDad lures
The source for these lures was reasonably certain that the lures were in their correct boxes: 101-green scale, yellow belly, 102-brown scale, 103-gray scale, 104-black, white belly, white wings, 105-black, yellow belly, yellow wings, 106-red head, white body, black wings, 107-unknown (no box or lure), 108-unknown (box only), 109-unknown (no box or lure, 110-all black body, yellow diving bill, white wings. Further research would be helpful to verify these color code assignments and identify 107-109.
A current Kerrville resident, whose father knew Windy Gray, said that the DooDad lures were made at Gray’s Radiator Shop at 201 Water St. in Kerrville. The Kerrville City Directory didn’t list Gray’s Radiator Shop at this site until the 1954-55 edition. Whether the lures were only made at this location or also at his previous business locations remains to be determined.
DooDad color variation
DooDad color variation
DooDad color variation
Note -no scale on head of darker one.
DooDad lures
Both single and double hook versions
Painted yellow diving bill on 110

Finmaster Lures, San Antonio, Texas – maker of the Finmaster III.

Finmaster lures
Field & Stream ad – July, 1969

Lovelace Mfg. Co., San Antonio & Bandera, Texas – maker of the Breathing Minnow and Winny-Dink.

Two sizes of Breathing Minnow. The top one is about 1/2 inch shorter.
Replacement silk body socks were available. According to local lore, these were hand made by Claribel Lovelace.
More Breathing Minnows
Orange Breathing Minnow with color coordinated skirt
Faded stamp at end of the box that the smaller size Breathing Minnow came in
Back side of Breathing Minnow cards
Listing from the San Antonio Express newspaper, May 31, 1938. Also, 1938 was the only year Lovelace was listed at this address in the San Antonio phone book.
Winny-Dink lure
Lovelace metal lures
Lovelace dragon-like lure

Mack’s Tackle Workshop, San Antonio, Texas – maker of various baits including the minno-bug, flyrod bugs, cork bugs, etc. (Listed in the San Antonio phone book from 1944-1955 at 513 1/2 Dolorosa.)

Assortment of Mack bugs

Mack Crawfish
Mack Mice
More Mack bugs on cards
Minnow Bugs in box
More Minnow Bugs including 4 of the earlier version.
Macks listed in 1937 Shakespeare catalog
Macks listed in 1938 Shakespeare catalog (not listed in the 1939 catalog)
Addition of Crawdad and Sunshine Special
Addition of Bucktail Minnow

Medina Mouse, made by Shakespeare Co., Kalamazoo, MI, for San Antonio Fishing Tackle Co.

Medina Mouse label on end of box

Pico Lures (Padre Island Co.), moved to San Antonio, Texas in 1962 – maker of various lures including Pico Chico, Pico Perch, Mullet, Pico Pop & Lil Pop, Side Shad, Piggy Boat, and others.

Schoolmaster Boat & Tackle Company,  San Antonio, Texas – maker of the Schoolmaster Lure, Schoolmaster Perch Lure, and Schoolmaster Shrimp. Robert P. Nelson was the owner of this company. (1960 is the only year the company was listed in the San Antonio phone book.)

Schoolmaster lures
Schoolmaster Shrimp
Schoolmaster Perch
Top portion of Schoolmaster insert
Bottom portion of Schoolmaster insert
SEMCO version of the Schoolmaster lure
Front of box insert
Back of box insert

Southwestern Fishing Tackle Co., San Antonio, Texas

Dingbat Wiggler (top left, missing hair tail), Bingo Mouse (top right), and 3 roundnose runt lures (bottom)