Tye Ice House lures, Tye, Texas

Sportsmen’s Distributing Co., Fort Worth, Texas
Bead Baits, Houston, Texas
Big Zs Better Baits, Ft. Worth, Texas
Killeen Tackle, Killeen, Texas
Glitter-Fin Company, Ft. Worth, Texas
C & D Lure Co., San Antonio, Texas: name pasted over with Spin Buddy Tackle Co. label
White & White Company, Weaver, Tx. Mailing address: Saltillo, Tx
Triple Action Mfg., Co., Abilene, TX
Old Reliable Lures Inc., Onalaska, Texas
Lock Lizard, Lockhart, Texas
Texas Tackle Factory, Victoria, Texas
Tom’s Minner Co., Round Rock, Texas
Boss Lure Co., Breckenridge, Texas
Nichols Lures, Inc., San Antonio, Texas (moved to GA)
Back of Nichols Lures packages
Pioneer Bait Co., Gladewater, Texas
A. A. Bruckner Hobby Lures, Tow, Texas
Finny Tackle Co., Galveston, Texas
Kwigglers, various Texas locations. History at kwigglers.com/our-story
Reverse side of Kwigglers package
Hand Made Originals by S & J, New Braunfels, Texas
Taronosaurous Lure Retriever, San Antonio, Texas (weight 10 oz.)
Ray’s Popping Bug, Victoria, Texas (courtesy of Cathy Jorgenson)
Bobber by Ta-Lure Manufacturing Co., San Antonio, TX. Listed in the 1950 San Antonio phone book (courtesy of Cathy Jorgenson)
Powerpak Lures, Inc., Dallas, Texas (lures made in China). Patent #4,831,767 file in 1987; Patent #5,035,075 filed in 1989.
Back of Powerpak package
Plugging Shorty by Anton Stettner
Stettner patent #2,705,848 filed 1950
Spin-N-Sputter lure by East Texas Big Bass Lures
Front and back of Spin-N-Sputter box insert

Gallopin Goldfish by Jack Sparks; The Bucktail Bait Co., Waco, Texas
Quick Hitch Lures, Richardson, TX. Invented by Joe C. Mahan. Patent #4,674,226 filed in 1986.
Quick Hitch insert: outside on left, inside on right
Speed-N-Bullet, TNT Tackle, Garland, Texas