Boogie Lure Company, Amarillo and Coleman, Texas

Boogie Woogie lures
Name stamp
Bass Boogie (photo courtesy of Colby Sorrells)
Lazy Boogie (photo courtesy of Colby Sorrells)
Amarillo Boogie Lure box and box ends
Amarillo box insert
Boogie Lure ad with more lure colors (courtesy of Colby Sorrells)
Coleman Boogie Woogie box and box ends
Baby Boogie Woogie (photo courtesy of Colby Sorrells)
Baby Boogie Woogie listed on Coleman box insert (photo courtesy of Colby Sorrells)

Martin Bait Company, Amarillo, Texas. Maker of the Martin Shrimp and various derivates using parts of the shrimp.

Bottom shrimp with no body segment, 2 middle ones with 1 body segment, top one with 2 body segments
Shrimp in box (Shrimp patent number 2,770,063 filed by W.F. Martin in 1951)
Package insert
Package insert
Single body segment
Double body segments
Top: 2 body segments
Bottom: head segment
Martin Shrimp ad, Field & Stream, March 1951 (courtesy of Colby Sorrells)

Parker Lure Company, Amarillo, Texas: Maker of the Ewelure.

Red Head
Black Perch
Package insert for Crappie and Red Head
Package insert for Black Perch
Ad in Sports Afield, May 1959
More Ewelures
Ewelure ad with 9 colors listed. Absent are the Black Back and Black Rib listed on the package insert for the Crappie and Red Head (courtesy of Colby Sorrells)

Supreme Mfg. Co., Amarillo, Texas: A couple of Supreme Lure catalogs and some examples of the wide variety of baits they offered.

Supreme lure photos below courtesy of Colby Sorrells

Hair minnows
Little Wonder Wiggler
Slim John Wiggler