North Texas (-DFW)

Billy Bass Lure Co., Billy Bass Co. Various locations include New Boston, Bettie, & Scurry, Texas.

Billy Bass lures
Billy Bass package inserts.
Top one has been changed from Gilmer to Bettie, Texas
Box ends with color code.
Bottom of Scurry Box
Bottom Scurry label pasted over Gilmer box bottom

International Manufacturing Co., Denton, Texas. Maker of the Shimmy Diver.

Shimmy Diver in box
Shimmy Divers
Upper portion of Shimmy Diver box insert
Lower portion of Shimmy Diver box insert

Lucky Duck Lure Bait Co., Cleburne, Texas

Lucky Ducks
Lucky Duck boxes
Box side
Box side
Box end

Speed-Cast Fishing Tackle Mfgrs./Speed Cast Lure Co., Denison, Texas. Maker of various lures including the Tru-Lur, Fantail, Gold Digger, Fandiver, Topfan, Chump, Tiny-Tarpon, and Poncho.

Tru-Lur (2 3/4″)
Tru-Lur (1 1/2″)
Tru-Lur box insert for larger size
Box inserts for smaller size
The smaller size lure was also referred to as a Whizer-Dizzer on other box inserts (photo courtesy of Colby Sorrels).
Two sizes of Fantails
(top row, 2nd from left is chrome)
Speed Cast Lure Co. box with gold lettering on the lid.
Two Fantail box inserts
Gold Diggers
Gold Digger box insert
Gold Digger box insert
Gold Digger box insert
Fandiver box insert
Fandiver box insert
Topfan group
Topfan box insert
Topfan box insert

Chump lures
(top one is chrome)

Chump box insert
Chump box insert
Tiny-Tarpon box insert
Poncho -jig
Poncho box insert